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Welcome to the  corner of  89th & Bloom where inner & outer beauty collide.

 89th & Bloom is a Personal Development and Styling Company and I'm your home girl Brittany Daisy; here to help women elevate their everyday lives. Through Identity Coaching, Self-care practices, & Wardrobe Styling, I journey with you on becoming the woman of your wildest dreams.  


Are you ready for a new wardrobe or need assistance revamping your current closet?

Choose 1 of my 3 styling services that fits your needs. 



Have you read Letters To Freedom?

No worries, I have a copy waiting just for you, click the shop tab to view our latest edition! 



Are looking to dive deeper into your journey of womanhood?

Join the Journal Club coming May 2022



Not sure where to start?

 Click Bloom Girl, Bloom for a free 15 minute  consultation. 

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