The Vision

       Meet your stylist at the corner  89th & Bloom where inner & outer beauty collide. As a Personal Development and Styling Company 89th & Bloom services our clients through; Inner work, Productivity, & Self-care.  Our goal is to create a space that allows us to nurture and celebrate womanhood at every stage of life. We are committed to helping  you become the woman of your wildest dreams. 

The Mission 

      89th & Bloom was created for and inspired by the role models we didn't know we needed. Through writing & personal development 89th & Bloom is a safe space where women can journey together through the complexities of womanhood. Our goal is to create a community where women are celebrated and able offer support for each other. We incorporate self-care, beauty, & fashion to assist you in creating your ideal self. 89th & Bloom will guide you to discover and redefine who you are at any stage of life. We promote confidence, versatility, & uniqueness  by  celebrating the freeing power of femininity. Bloom Girl, Bloom!