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Brittany Daisy is a published author, wardrobe stylist, & personal development coach. From her own journey of personal development she discovered her purpose, to help women become the best version of themselves from the inside out.  

In 2011 Brittany made a fearless decision to follow a non-traditional educational track, earning a degree in Fashion Marketing & Management. In 2012 Brittany Co-founded and led the Personal Development division of a networking organization for women of color. She has mentored over 30 young women focusing on education & self-discovery.

During the 2020 global pandemic Brittany created the Bloom Bloom Room as an outlet for women to focus on mental health & self-care. She engaged women across the USA with weekly activities, live streams, & holistic beauty regimens. This served as a space for healing & productivity.

In April of 2020 Brittany Daisy published Letters To Freedom, a guided prayer journal that narrates her experiences of being  a woman, wife, & friend. Since becoming an author she has been featured on multiple podcast shows, invited as a motivational speaker for groups of women, & led virtual book club sessions.


Brittany uses her decade of experience in fashion & her natural love for beauty to guide her clients into a celebration of womanhood.

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