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Love & Forgiveness

This photo represents both love & forgiveness for me. When my mom sent it to me the other day I literally felt a jolt of love and intense nostalgia run through my body. As I stared at this photo and recalled all of the fond memories I've shared with them, none of them included all of them together at the same time. That's when I realized that this is probably the only picture I've ever seen of myself and both of my parents. Although their divorce never bothered me, it also made me realize that I had never seen us as a family unit. And despite our not so "picture perfect" family, the intense feeling of love continued to rush through my veins.

This photo represents three types of love. 1. Unlimited love from my mother. Like most, a mother's love is truly unlimited and immeasurable. No matter what I put her through, no matter the sacrifices she had to make, & no matter what was going on in her personal world, she always had an overflowing cup of love specifically for me. I am forever grateful. 2. Intentional love from my aunt. Despite the decisions of my father(her brother) and despite the hundreds of miles distance between us, she intentionally loved me and made it seem effortless. There are so many factors that could have made her a distant relative but no, I felt just as close to her as I did to my aunt that I shared the same home with. Her love was pure, integral and so very intentional. 3. Unconditional love for my father. He taught me to love beyond the not so favorable conditions. In life there are storms, there are unexpected events, and we all know that conditions change without notice. It is so easy to love when the conditions are nice and sunny but what about when the clouds turn grey? Despite a turbulent relationship, I’m so grateful to have forgiven & for the opportunity to extend Christ like love to my father before he left this earth.

The people in this photo are main characters in my love story. I know love, I am able to be loved, and freely give love because what they have exemplified in my life. Sometimes is takes sacrifice, sometimes it takes effort, & sometimes it takes forgiveness....but all of the time, it is worth it.

What photo or moment in your life best represents forgiveness & love? 

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